You can stop chewing tobacco with herbal chew

Stop Chewing Tobacco

Many of us have tried to stop chewing tobacco in the past, and sadly few of us have had any luck due to the addictive nature of the substance. Finding a support group, and staying active are high on the list, but here are a few other ideas to get you off the can for good and onto a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family.

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Forming a Plan to Stop Chewing Tobacco

Once you have decided to stop chewing tobacco, draw up a plan of action, while it may seem silly, a plan of action can mentally prepare you for what is to come. A few simple ideas to get started are: Writing up a list of reasons to stop chewing tobacco; Picking a quit date; Writing up a mission statement for those time you get the craving that will get you psyched up about quitting chewing tobacco; Take up a physical activity that will take your mind off of the habit like jogging or swimming.

For some it might be a better decision to wean off the tobacco over the course of a few weeks before throwing it out completely. As it has been seen and studied with products like the patch, this can be a great way to getting started on the road to success. Alternatively, many have found success by mixing herbal chew with traditional dip and slowing mixing the tobacco out until you are just down to the herbal chew. while it is certainly best if you can stop chewing tobacco right of the bat, this might not be the answer for everyone.

Withdrawals from Chewing Tobacco

For the most part, withdrawal symptoms do not last long when you stop chewing tobacco, but breaking the mental block is not that easy and the first two weeks are the most critical to being successful over the long haul.It is a good idea to avoid the things that will give you an urge to throw in a dip or that will promote cravings. This could include, drinking, stressful environments, friends who chew or even hobbies like fishing and hunting.

If the cravings start to get unbearable, don’t break! Take a deep breath, have a glass of water, if you can do something active and if you need it, throw in an herbal dip to help comfort and calm you down. Remind yourself of your reasons for quitting and repeat that mission statement.