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Smokey Mountain Snuff Wintergreen $3.50

Smokey Mountain Snuff Wintergreen

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Smokey Mountain snuff is probably the most popular herbal chew out there. Chances are You have came across one of their display boxes in your nearest Wal-Mart, grocery store, or gas station. They have been around a long time and have a very good following and up for review today is Smokey Mountain Wintergreen flavor.

Smokey Mountain Snuff Wintergreen Review

Smokey Mountain Snuff’s Wintergreen is one of the first herbal chews that I tried. I came across it at a local Conoco station and had just quit chewing the week before. I was headed out to elk hunt and instead of cracking and buying a Can of Skoal Mint I decided to give this one a try. Wintergreen and Cherry were the only flavors sold their so i grabbed a can of Wintergreen and went on my way.

When you first open the can the smell of wintergreen was really strong. That did not bother me at all because i like the flavors to be on the bold side. When you take a dip you will notice that it is a bit on the sticky side. It leaves a little residue behind, but nothing i couldn’t deal with. When its in your lip it  actually has a very good flavor and that’s coming from a “mint only” kind  of guy. It actually tasted kind of like wintergreen tobacco. You can keep this one in your mouth for quite a while and still have some flavor left. It does make you salivate quite a bit which i kinda of liked.
It has a little bit of cayenne pepper in the mix, but i wanted more burn so I added some to it. The one big downside is the corn silk that they use in this product does have a tendency to get stuck in your teeth and be a bear  to get out, but it can be remedied with a water bottle fairly easily.



Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff did a very good job with their wintergreen flavor it does have a very tobacco like flavor. The texture is somewhat tobacco like as well but gets a mark against it for the mess it makes. It is definitely a good tobacco alternative for those that like to spit. Also if you like it to burn a little more add a pinch of cayenne it does the trick for me. I really did like the wintergreen and thought i would like their other flavors but I was disappointing. The other flavors like mint and classic did not mix with my taste-buds. I would only give the other flavors i tried a 2.5 star mark compared with the 4 stars for wintergreen. It’s that much better.