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Nip The Grip Energy Ice Dip $5.00

Nip The Grip Energy Ice Dip

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Nip the Grip Energy Ice has not been around that long. They take a different approach to the chewing tobacco alternative. They use sea-sponge instead of a plant to deliver the flavor and texture. It is also infused with caffeine to give you an energy kick or “buzz”. It is definitely on the expensive side for these type of products at five bucks a can.

Nip The Grip Energy Ice Dip Review

I’m always looking for a new chewing tobacco alternative and stumbled across a newer product on Google that I had to try. I always get excited to try a new product so I ordered the six pack.

Upon opening I noticed something totally different. I had never put sea-sponge in my mouth before, but I was game. It has a very minty fusion sort of smell to it, but it’s not overwhelming. It doesn’t pack, you just grab a pinch of sponge and throw it in your lip. When you first put it in you get a flavor explosion. It is one of the best minty flavors I have ever tried. It was like candy to a kid. I had to resist the urge to suck all of the flavor out right away. It was tasty and the flavor does last longer than I expected.I didn’t really feel the caffeine hit but I am a coffee and Coke drinker so I didn’t expect a whole lot. The one downside to this product is that when you do have it in your mouth for too long,  you start to realize that you are sucking on sponge. I did get some spit with this product, but it was too tasty to spit. I really do like the product overall so that was just a minor negative.


Nip the Grip Energy Dip Ice flavor is a great product and I recommend at least trying it. It is a good option for those that do not mind paying five dollars for a can of dip. That is too much money for a product like this in my opinion, but it is definitely different. One problem I had was that I went through the cans faster than I would have liked, and that made it even more expensive. For me its more of a dessert chew and not something I can afford to use daily, but I recommend it for those who can.