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Mint Snuff Pouches 3.00

Mint Snuff Pouches

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Mint Snuff had been around a little while before they came out with the Mint Snuff Pouches. It is now their best seller. It is available online or at many different retailers all over the U.S.. They advertise it more of a smoking alternative. “Pop a pouch instead of a puff”. I think it is a much better snus or pouch tobacco alternative vs smoking.

Mint Snuff Pouches Review


I was very disappointed with the original mint snuff, so when I saw the pouches behind the counter I was unsure if I really wanted to try it. I am sure glad I gave the company another chance. I opened the can right there in the parking lot of the grocery store and was a little disappointed. The pouches were dry. There was literally zero moisture content in the can. I figured, what the heck. I already bought it so I went ahead and gave it a try. My first impression was “Holy Mint!” This was the strongest mint I had ever experienced. I really liked the flavor a lot. The pouches did feel a little funny at first but the strong flavor makes your mouth water so it softens up rather quickly. The flavor last a long time. I’m sure I had the pouch in my lip for over an hour and it still had flavor when I took it out. My wife did appreciate my fresh breath and the lack of chew in my teeth, so that is another bonus of the pouches. The price is also very reasonable so that is a plus too.




Mint Snuff pouches are one of my all time favorite tobacco alternatives. I think even if you don’t chew pouches normally, it is definitely worth a try. If you like strong mint flavors this is the one for you. I definitely recommend this product.