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Hooch Snuff Spitfire $3.15

Hooch Snuff Spitfire

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Chattahoochee herbal chew, a.k.a. “Hooch Snuff” has been around for a while now. They use different ingredients than most of the other herbal chew brands to try and imitate the texture of a real tobacco chew. Ive tried a few of the different flavors of Hooch Snuff but the one up for review today is “Spitfire”.

Hooch Spitfire Review

Up until recently Hooch Snuff came in a metal slipcover can. It was really cool because it was different but they were a pain to open. They recently decided to join every one else and just use the normal plastic cans for their herbal chew. In my opinion this was a great move and an improvement for the product.

So spitfire is not really meant to be a tobacco like flavor. It is more for people who like things that are hot and spicy. I am a fan of such things so i decided to give this chew a go.

When I tried this chew the first time around it came in the metal can. It was ok to open the first time you use it but after a few dipsĀ  some of the chew would get around the rim and dry to the lid and make it feel like it was super-glued shut. It was kind of frustrating. It honestly made me feel like I needed a can of Grizzly. When you do finally get the can open you see that it does look a lot like a fine cut tobacco. I don’t normally chew fine cut but I was ok with it. When you take a pinch it has a descent pack and stays together well. In the lip it feels the most like tobacco of any herbal chew that I have tried. After a few seconds you realize why they call it “Spitfire” this stuff burns. It has kind of a simple flavor as it is mostly just spicy hot. I wasn’t totally in love with the flavor but I did appreciate the burn that it gave. The flavor does seem to change after about 15 minutes and it starts to taste more like spicy straw or hay. I was hoping that the flavor would last a little bit longer but it was gone far to quickly. The fine cut of Hooch also will have a tendency to travel around your mouth a little bit especially if you try to drink a coke while its in your lip.



Hooch Snuff is what I would consider one of the more premium brands of herbal chew. They did a great job of imitating the texture of regular chew. The spitfire like i said before is for those of us that like spicy stuff. If you don’t like hot sauce it is probably not the chew for you. It has a decent flavor it just doesn’t last. I prefer their wintergreen flavor a lot more than I like the spitfire. Hooch chew is a great choice if you are trying to find a chewing tobacco alternative.