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Golden Eagle Liquorice Mint 2.99

Golden Eagle Liquorice Mint

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Golden Eagle Chew has been around since the ’80s. It is one of the original herbal chews. They use red clover and other various herbs. It is a very affordable product that can be found at various distributors online as well as many health food stores. Up for a review today is their liquorice mint flavor.


Golden Eagle Liquorice Mint Review


One of the first herbal chews that happened to come across online was Golden Eagle. I ordered a few of their flavors, but I really only liked one of them and that was the liquorice mint flavor. When you first open the can you will notice that they use more than one plant to give the texture and flavor. I personally hate the taste of red clover but I didn’t let that deter me from trying it. It had a very good moisture content. It was neither too dry nor too wet. When you take a pinch it is actually very¬†packable¬†and felt ok in the lip. The flavor is a mild minty flavor, but the herbs that they use have a very earthy taste. Some of their other flavors get dominated by this earthy flavor that I’m not a huge fan of but the liquorice mint seems to balance it out better. After it’s been in your lip a little while it does have a tendency to feel a bit slimy but it is not unbearable. It also doesn’t travel around your mouth as bad as some of the other herbal chews that I’ve tried. It is not as spitable as some of the others, but it’s not bad and it is also safe to swallow. The price is very affordable, so that also helps you get past any of the negatives with this brand. If I paid five bucks a can my review might be a little more harsh.




Golden Eagle definitely has a place in the herbal chew market. It has been around forever and is very affordable. Liquorice Mint is definitely worth a try especially if you do not mind earthy flavors or clove like flavors. You could spend more money and get less. If price is one of your biggest concerns, it should definitely be on your radar.

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