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Bacc Off Wintergreen $2.45

Bacc Off Wintergreen

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Introduced in the 1990’s as one of the very first tobacco free snuff companies, Bacc Off has been making herbal chew for years and puts out a decent product with plenty of options. Bacc Off is said to emulate real tobacco in taste, texture and packabilty. Lets see if they meet or beat the claims.


Bacc Off Wintergreen Herbal Chew Review

Bacc Off comes in that familiar plastic can that is the same size and weight that I was used to, this is important to me as I like familiarity with the old time feelings of my normal Cope can, especially in my back pocket. Bacc Off comes in multiple variations from regular, pouches and even energized which is said to deliver quite the kick. I had the normal wintergreen for this review as I am not a huge pouch guy and I figured this was probably the go to for those looking to try Bacc Off’s products.

As I have done with all chews since I started, I gave the can a good hard pack before putting in my first dip. I will say it packed up nicely and left a decent wintergreen smell when I first cracked the lid, it did not have that familiar dirty smell like you get with tobacco, but that’s to be expected, it did however smell fresh and was nice and moist.  It was easy to get a nice pinch with out letting to much go yet I was surprised at how mild the chew tasted compared to the smell. The spit came out strong and with a good dark color which I like, the particles stay together fairly well and it does not separate quite as bad as other herbal chews I have tried. For the most part it stayed right in the lip, the sign of a good chew.

After 15 minutes, it had gone completely dry on me. When I used to dip with tobacco, I could get away with having a chew in for hours, so it really annoys me when an herbal chew just does not last. I found it strange that it went so dry, but that may not bother some of you. Over all I would say that this version of wintergreen from Bacc Off has a little bit of a harsh herb flavor and is a bit on the sweet side for a wintergreen. I am hoping the Extra Wintergreen will have a stronger flavor without the sweetness, we will see when we get around to that can.



With Bacc Off I can say the price is right at only $2.45 a can, but you might find yourself running through quite a few cans if you work your chew as hard as me. Flavor wise, I would have to say there are wintergreen’s I like better that are not as sweet with a stronger taste, but for those of you who prefer a milder taste this might be a good choice.