You can stop chewing tobacco with herbal chew

Herbal Chew Ingredients

Curious as to whats in herbal chew ingredients before you make the switch, or try to quit chewing tobacco? Here is a rough guide to some of the more common products found in most commercial herbal chews to give you a better understanding of whats in the dip and even how certain additives can help cure the cravings.

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Most Common Ingredients in Herbal Chews

  • Mint – Heads up the list as it is found in most all herbal chew brands, and some even base there whole product on it.
  • Tea leaves – Another common ingredient that may have some side effects such as staining your teeth, but it also adds a bit of caffeine which many people enjoy.
  • Perennial – Resembles most closely the taste of tobacco when cured correctly, but is not a true match.
  • Spearmint – Found in many mint, peppermint and wintergreen herbal chews to add flavor and content.
  • Peach leaves – Not the most common, but it is found in several brands, also a flavor and content addition.
  • Black Walnut – To help regulate blood sugars as your body goes through the changes
  • Cayenne Pepper – Helps curve the craving by providing that familiar burn from the nicotine in tobacco.
  • Licorice – To relive the stress simulating the calming effects of having a dip.
  • Guarana – An Herb that promotes energy much like caffeine.
  • Glycerin – Ensure the substance stays together and help preserve the product.
  • Tabasco Peppers – simulates the burn of nicotine.
  • Various Oil Extracts – Adds flavor such as Cherry or Peppermint.
  • Salt – A flavor stabilizer.
While the above list rounds things out for most herbal chews that try to stay on the more natural side, many companies do add artificial flavors or even sweeteners to help manage the flavor of the herbal chew. If you are worried about other side effects, or allergies, you should contact the brand that you intend to buy for a more complete list of what they use, and as always consult your physician before trying anything you might deem as harmful. For the most part, switching to an herbal chew is safe and will help you cut out the thousands of carcinogens and toxins associated with tobacco.