You can stop chewing tobacco with herbal chew

Herbal Chew

Herbal chew is a product that is supposed to imitate smokeless tobacco. The main differences between herbal chew and smokeless tobacco are that herbal chew products contain no tobacco and usually no nicotine. A lot of people use herbal chew or a product similar as an aid to quit using regular smokeless tobacco.

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Herbal Chew a Tobacco Alternative

Herbal chew is a highly used substitute in order to help stop the harmful effects of regular smokeless tobacco. Unlike its’ counterpart herbal chew does not contain the cancer causing chemicals such as benzopyrene and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde as we all know is a chemical used to to preserve dead bodies and animal skin. Who wants to ingest that? Chewing tobacco also contains more than 3,000 other chemicals. American tobacco companies usually cure their spit tobacco by fire. This means that it also contains a high content of nitrosamines that are also cancer causing.

Besides the drawbacks listed above you have the more obvious side effects such as bad breath, stained teeth and sometimes mouth sores. Using herbal chew will help a tobacco user kick the habit and start leading a more healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Herbal Chew Ingredients

Looking for information on what herbal chew is made from? Look at our page with a list of the most common ingredients found in herbal chews. While it is not a complete list, it should help answer your questions and help identify any products you may be allergic to.

Herbal Chew Reviews

Here we have complied a list of reviews from all the major brands in herbal chew. If you are unsure of which chew to try out first, or are looking to switch to another brand, this is the place to go. While all reviews involve the personal tastes of the individual reviewing the product, we try to be unbiased to help our readers make a great choice.

Stop Chewing Tobacco

You can stop chewing tobacco, and there are many groups and guides available to help you do just that. As with any addiction it is important to take the right steps to make it as easy as possible on yourself to ensure long term success. Check out our guide and tips for more useful information and to help you get psyched up about changing your life for the better.

Effects of Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco is a very harmful substance that can disfigure, create long term side effects and even kill over time. If you know someone who needs to quit or if you are just looking for more information on the subject, check out our page on the effects of chewing tobacco.